Castle Green, Pasadena Wedding (May 15 2011)

I had the wonderful honor of entertaining the guests at Castle Green in Pasadena, May 15, 2011.
If you haven't been to Castle Green, its a historic building in the heart of Pasadena, near Arroyo Parkway and Colorado Blvd.

The wedding was held inside the living room area. Immediately after was the cocktail reception, also held within the same area.

With the assistance of Desiree Russo, guests were ushered into the Grand Hall, music was already going, and the GRAND entrance began. Wonderful energy from the guests. They walked into Stevie Wonders - For Once in my life. RIght into the first dance Chris Cross - Arthur's Theme (the Best that you can do) and open dance followed.

Dinner and several toasts happened, more dancing, bouquet toss and a wonderful end to the evening. Guests were invited to continue the party across the street at the local bar.

Thank you Josh and Melissa. Congrats!


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