Friday, September 2, 2011

DJ Crash spins at Knollwood Country Club

I've had a fantastic year of exciting and unique weddings. The Malchose party was no exception. Lawrence and Monica chose Knollwood Country Club, located in the north San Fernando valley.

I haven't been to Knollwood in almost 10 years. It sits about one mile north of the 118 freeway, on Balboa Boulevard. The staff there is fabulous. Just a wonder to work with. Big thanks for being accommodating…

I arrived early enough to watch the ceremony, and then off to cocktails and the reception. Their first dance choice was KERMIT THE FROG - RAINBOW CONNECTION. Cute. I had played a song so different as a first dance. It was fun, and the crowd appreciated it as well. 60 guests in total. It wasn't a large crowd by typical wedding standards, but they were fantastic… Played a few standards like Brick House and Prince-Kiss, as well as current standards like GIVE ME TONIGHT.

The most special part of the night was when the Bride and Groom came up to sing. Yes!  They performed several of their original songs. It was AMAZING.

Thank you Lawrence and Monica. This won't be a party I'll forget anytime soon...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

12 and highland, manhattan beach

This party started as a huge challenge and ended up being a great party. So what happened?

Most nightclubs have Serato set up for the djs upon arrival. But not tonight. And I havent set up the box in years. I was unfamiliar with the system and didn't want to touch and mess up what they had. The resident dj showed up 5 minutes before his start and didn't want to touch the system. So I was stuck.

I spoke with the host of the party and explained I could spin with the CDs I had on hand, but it wouldn't be over the top party music he'd be hoping for. And then I remembered I had my vestax vci300 in my bag. Connected the controller to one of the open channels. And started my set on time.

I think this story is telling. Any other dj would show up and not weigh options. Probably mist would be in real trouble. Reid (the host) pushed me, believed in my ability. It worked!

Many of the customers had never heard a DJ spin a set like I mixed. Top 40, pop, rock. And given my set up and situation, I'd say it wasnt even one of my best sets. That says alot.

Big thanks to Reid.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Threedayrule party at Fred segal

Wednesday night I spun the three day rule party. Co-hosted by Fred segal and Nicole Myden (NMPR), was a great time.

I set up outside the main doors. Guest gathered by the front door, near Umani burger an inside close to the bar.

Guests shopped, browsed, drank and played around till the end at 10pm.

I'm looking forward to the next party.

DJ Crash
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dr Moy's party at St Regis Resort, July 29

So I DJ'd on Friday, July 29, 2011 at the St. Regis Monarch Beach resort. It was a fantastic party with over 600 guests. the three hour party hosted by Dr. Moy was attended by celebrities and local residents. during the event I DJ and spun all sorts of and styles of music including hip hop house funk disco and Old school. it was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces and meeting so many new faces as well. Please visit my podcast for a two hour live mix.

Monday, July 25, 2011

august 2011 events

This could be one of my busiest months in recent times. Im booked on four weddings, or one every week. On top of that I’m spinning an additional two parties every week as well. My other DJs are taking up another half dozen parties. It’s looking like a fun and busy few weeks.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jessica and Alex's wedding, Lake Sherwood, DJ Crash

I had the honor to spin, entertainment and help coordinate Jessica and Alex's wedding ceremony and their reception at Lake Sherwood, outside of Los Angeles (near Westlake Village).

The day started off a bit windy, but really turned out to be fantastic. By nightfall there was practically no wind or breeze, it was cool, but not cold.

From Grand Entrance to the final dances, the crowd was in rare form. They dug the new music from JLO and Pitbull, as well as some of the more underground high energy house tracks from Wolfgang Gartner. Dont get me wrong, I still played classics like WALK THIS WAY, and JUMP AROUND.

Thanks Jessica and Alex. It was a great party!

DJ Crash, spins Danielle's Bat Mitzvah at the Montage and Aqua Lounge

With deep appreciation to both Montage Hotel, Beverly Hills and Aqua lounge. We completed a very successful weekend of Bat Mitzvah parties.

Emcee Danny, along with two dancers, and the assistance of DJ Ben, we hosted and entertained two days of Bat Mitzvah parties in Beverly Hills.

What makes a successful bar or bat mitzvah? FLow, energy and focus. Sounds cliche, but its true. MC Danny did a spectacular job keeping the flow and energy of the parties on a consistent level on both days. The dancers, worked with the crowd on some of the more current dance moves, showing off the DOUGIE and The JERK as well as the CATDADDY.

Keep Crash Entertainment in mind for your upcoming bar or bat mitzvah.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Castle Green, Pasadena Wedding (May 15 2011)

I had the wonderful honor of entertaining the guests at Castle Green in Pasadena, May 15, 2011.
If you haven't been to Castle Green, its a historic building in the heart of Pasadena, near Arroyo Parkway and Colorado Blvd.

The wedding was held inside the living room area. Immediately after was the cocktail reception, also held within the same area.

With the assistance of Desiree Russo, guests were ushered into the Grand Hall, music was already going, and the GRAND entrance began. Wonderful energy from the guests. They walked into Stevie Wonders - For Once in my life. RIght into the first dance Chris Cross - Arthur's Theme (the Best that you can do) and open dance followed.

Dinner and several toasts happened, more dancing, bouquet toss and a wonderful end to the evening. Guests were invited to continue the party across the street at the local bar.

Thank you Josh and Melissa. Congrats!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What makes a great DJ?

In a nutshell, a great DJ is one with experience. Yes, it can be argued that even DJ's that have 20 years of work, may not be so good. Its true. It depends on the client needs of course. Does the client want a cheesy emcee, a club DJ, a wedding DJ, a corporate DJ?

The best of the best is one who can cover practically every gamut of music, sound, and video. Now, some disc jockeys can do most types of events, but not necessarily all. How many Deejays do you know who can spin, Indian, arabic, Greek, French, and other forms of world music? There aren't too many. But, those Deejays are very specific, rare, and are unable to shift beyond their own comfort zones.

I'd argue that deejays like (examples) Tiesto, Z trip, Q-Bert probably can't spin a good wedding, or corporate event. Why? They (like their ethnic music counterparts) are very focused on genre and style. Tiesto is an electronica dj. You probably wont hear him spin funk, disco, hip hop. Z trip spins old school and new school. Q Bert is a turntablist. His style is to mix short sets of scratched tracks. Does anyone want to hear scratching at a wedding or a corporate party? Sorry Tiesto, Z and QBert for using your names. But, its to make a point.

When it comes to a great party. Make sure to choose the RIGHT DJ, with the right music, and sound.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Video DJ Crash

Saturday March 19 2011

Spun an in-store event, as video dj. So I had the chance to mix up music and videos, projected against a white wall. Its great to do something a little different.

How often do you get to go into a store and watch the DJ mix music and video together? never!
But, it might just start happening a bit more now.

Gave me the opportunity to mix and mash michael jackson and lady gaga video's together.

Keep video deejaying in the back of your mind. Its great for Bar Mitzvahs and corporate parties.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our New QSC K-Series sound system

We’ve updated our sound, and acquired the newest K and KW series, powered speakers from QSC. What does this mean?

We can now accommodate groups over 500, and up to 1000 guests. One of the more powerful sound systems you’ll find. 1000 watts per full range speaker, 2000 watts per sub. Its INCREDIBLE. And Crash Entertainment has it.

Visit QSC for images and specs:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch Party

Kim Kardashian hosted the Launch of her new Fragrance line at Macy's in Glendale. I had the honor of hosting the entertainment for her that afternoon. Crash Entertainment supplied the DJ prior to her grand entrance.

3000 customers lined up, and pushed around to get a peek at (well) HER, new fragrance (uh-hm)...

Please contact Crash Entertainment for future events, launches and celebrity parties.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DJ Crash hits 2011 at full pace

Its been a while since my last posting. Jumping into 2011, I spun the Playboy Mansion New Years eve party, spun events at Sagebrush Cantina, at the London Hotel, Brookside Golf Course, Viceroy Santa Monica, and later today for Kim Kardashian.

2011 is looking great. I've partnered with QSC and will be acquiring a brand new sound system for event. It will include a half-dozen speakers and several bass subwoofer cabinets. Now I can provide sound for up-to and beyond 1000 guests. The system will blow your mind.

Along with a partnership with Chauvet, I've acquired a dozen LED lighting effects. They're great as both uplights and dancefloor lights. They're small, efficient and cost effective. Perfect for any event!

Last night my friend (Jay Davis) hosted a fabulous comedy show with Special guest, Daniel Tosh. Dave Chappelle and Dane Cook came by to hang out with glamourous hollywood locals watching comedians do their thang.

I will be back soon with more updates. Thanks for reading.