Los Angeles Wedding DJ Crash spins Jonathan and Mary's reception

What made Mary and Jonathan's reception great? Great attitude. They came to me and asked to create a party, not a typical wedding reception. That's what they got - fun and carefree.

The reception was atop the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, in the conservatory room. Thanks to Shaun and Sara for setting the room. They created a fantastic atmosphere. Not the typical table rounds, instead using tall tops to give the room a more casual and informal feel, while still keeping it elegant and sophisticated.

There was no formal structure to the party. Yes, I said it - NO AGENDA. We knew the food would come out from 7-9pm, and guests would be arriving at the same time. What bride and groom didnt want was a cake cutting, no garter and bouquet toss, no grand entrance - nothing. So my job was to create several atmospheres. The first half of the night was upbeat lounge (soul, r&b), and the second half of the night was dance, top 40, pop, rock, and hip hop.

Congratulations Mary and Jonathan. Great food, friends and family.


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